The Chronicle of Eo

sweets for Tellasin - take one by Leila

At the Bazaar of Sails, I ran into Marcus, who I first met when he came off the boat arriving from Absalon. He pointed out an herbalist who sells a confection made from the marshmallow roots growing on the outskirts of the Mushfens. The herbalist claims the marshmallow root adds moisture, calms inflammation and acts as a mild diuretic. There were a number of people buying them to treat their sore throats after the Summer Solstice celebrations. I traded my favorite burn poultice receipt for his receipt under the guise of comparing healing action. It seems quite simple: 1 child size handful of chopped dried root, left in a covered mug for several hours. Two child sized handfuls of powdered agar-agar combined with half the mug contents, strained. Heat to boiling the other half of the mug contents, strained with a mug full of honey and part of a vanilla bean pod or cinnamon bark. Without stirring the honey or forming bubbles, heat until slightly hotter than boiling water. Then slowly combine the honey mixture with the agar mixture and whip until a thick foam/cream forms. Spoon or pipe into a confection mold and let cool.

Avni loves these confections and eats them like candy. I’m reserving judgement on the confection, but do enjoy river road icey-cream, also available at a booth in the Bazaar of Sails, which is apparently made with the marshmallow confection.

Tellasin on the other hand, when Avni presented him with a marshmallow, he popped it into his mouth, and then promptly spat it out. “What IS that?!?” he asked and then wondered why anyone would ingest it voluntarily. Not even Avni was able to persuade Tellasin to try the river road cream.

I think I will ask Ol’ Mam Grottle if she knows of a sweet Tellasin might enjoy. While we were looking for information in the dock area, I heard many people speak favorably of her and her tavern, the Old Fang…



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