The Chronicle of Eo

sweets for Tellasin - take two by Leila

There was nothing sweet at the Old Fang, but at the Whale’s Belly they make something called a Jumble that Tellasin enjoys. I’m curious if the Jumble is unique to the Whale’s Belly or if it found elsewhere in Magnimar.

sweets for Tellasin - take one by Leila

At the Bazaar of Sails, I ran into Marcus, who I first met when he came off the boat arriving from Absalon. He pointed out an herbalist who sells a confection made from the marshmallow roots growing on the outskirts of the Mushfens. The herbalist claims the marshmallow root adds moisture, calms inflammation and acts as a mild diuretic. There were a number of people buying them to treat their sore throats after the Summer Solstice celebrations. I traded my favorite burn poultice receipt for his receipt under the guise of comparing healing action. It seems quite simple: 1 child size handful of chopped dried root, left in a covered mug for several hours. Two child sized handfuls of powdered agar-agar combined with half the mug contents, strained. Heat to boiling the other half of the mug contents, strained with a mug full of honey and part of a vanilla bean pod or cinnamon bark. Without stirring the honey or forming bubbles, heat until slightly hotter than boiling water. Then slowly combine the honey mixture with the agar mixture and whip until a thick foam/cream forms. Spoon or pipe into a confection mold and let cool.

Avni loves these confections and eats them like candy. I’m reserving judgement on the confection, but do enjoy river road icey-cream, also available at a booth in the Bazaar of Sails, which is apparently made with the marshmallow confection.

Tellasin on the other hand, when Avni presented him with a marshmallow, he popped it into his mouth, and then promptly spat it out. “What IS that?!?” he asked and then wondered why anyone would ingest it voluntarily. Not even Avni was able to persuade Tellasin to try the river road cream.

I think I will ask Ol’ Mam Grottle if she knows of a sweet Tellasin might enjoy. While we were looking for information in the dock area, I heard many people speak favorably of her and her tavern, the Old Fang…

Note to Self - Leila

It seems Tellasin has a penchant for sweets and unlike some humans, they don’t seem to go straight to his head, or heart, or gut, or whatever humans seem to worry about. Avni has great fun playing with Tellasin so I will be on the lookout for sweets to delight him.

Speaking of delight, he mentioned taking Avni to some seamstress named Mara to get a new dress. I might be able to use some new clothing as well. Perhaps, with the addition of some sweets, we could make an outing of it.

Tellasin's talks with Desna II

OOC From now on TTWD will be grouped by subject rather than Day. These are “discussions” that have occured at some point, possibly in the future, of the timeline of the current adventure. Several may have actually been split over multiple days. Enjoy, Andrew

Topic: Mail in Magnimar
The mail service in Magnimar is awful. I tried to send a letter to an upright man. Many peolpe said they would help. Most of them were fibbing. And even the honest ones were asking for more than it cost to stay a night at an inn.

Miro wanted one plat to deliver the letter. I’m not sure about him but he is part of the your quest and I trust you. I droped the letter in a sewer, with the copper piece for sending it. I’m sure you’ll get it where it needs to go. I left a plat at the temple to help you with delivery, since I can trust you to get it done.

Topic: Getting the adventurers together
We have a great group for the quest we are on. I’m not sure what it is yet but we’ll figure it out. Some of us are really smart. I’m sure Kaleb will be able to help soon, he’s good at this stuff. He was busy today.

Thanks for having Miro hit me. I would never have guessed you wanted him with us if he hadn’t. I mean he’s a bit shifty, and funny stuff happen around him. Other people who act like shifty merchants dad used to deal with become nice for some reason. It’s a good idea to have him around.

It’s nice to see Kaleb and <garoc> again. I didn’t think I’d be seeing either of them so soon. Good choices. This will be fun.

There are lots of things to do for our quest. Some stuff in the mushfens with goblins and quakes for Leila. There are the bad dreams. I’m worried about those, and now kids getting stolen. Don’t worry we’ll find them.

I’m sure other stuff will turn up. Can’t stay in one place too long or you’ll wear it out.

Topic: Solstice and the Stardust Ceremony
The solstice this year is pretty. Nice job. I never went to a big temple before. It was great. We always did a small ceremony with dad, though he had good sparkly’s. Could always count on dad.

He’s gone. I said goodbye like we said goodbye to Mara on the solstice. I was sad again. I hope dad got to you safely. Now mom dad mara and father are all with you. I hope to see you all one day.

I made some friends at the Solstice ceremony. Your preist at the temple is nice. Maybe I’ll help out around the temple while we are here. Being a priest and all myself now it might be a good idea. As long as we don’t stay too long. Feet are itching a bit. Hope we find out what’s wrong fast so we can get moving.

Topic: Miro
Miro hit me. Hitting is bad. I know you had him do it so I would notice. Still it wasn’t nice. Well he joined our group. I mean you might have had him hit me again if I didn’t have him join.

He’s been great, though weird. Things happen around him. Shifty folks act weird. He also appears and is gone fast. You turn around and he is gone. Help him figure out where to go.

Topic: Good Dreams
Had some great dreams last night, thanks Desna. Seems like all the others had some problems. The kids had good dreams too. I guess what everyone says about me being like a kid is true. Well if I get good dreams out of it I’m all for it. Maybe they’ll even give me some sweets.

Topic: Mara
I met a nice lady today. She bought me a drink at the bar. She liked my hair. She was also helpful. And she has a pretty name, Mara.

She works at a dress store. I’m think Avni might like a new dress so I’ll go see her sometime later. She liked to talk to me, but everyone does. She was a bit more happy than most people to talk. Not sure why.

She did not seem like the adventure type. Well I’m sure you’ll let me know if she needs help, or maybe she will. Thank you for another new friend.

Topic: Bad Dreams
Lots of people having bad dreams in town. You should help them. Well maybe that’s my quest. Our our groups quest. So we’ll do our end and try to help and you do your part. Together we should be able to help for sure.

That reminds me now that we have a group for adventuring we need a name. I’ll ask the others. Maybe they have a good idea. I like Desna’s helpers. I like being helpful, not sure Leila will like it. We’ll see.

The dreams sound real scary. All sorts of things are in them. Fishy smells, water drips, dark, stone. We tried to look around the docks but found nothing. I’m sure there is a clue, but I don’t know where to look.

Topic: Avensoar
I saw super nice tower today. It was great. There were gaurds and an angel was there. Well not when I was but earlier. They built the tower where the angel was. But I guess you know that.

Avni and I went to the top. We could see all around. We saw the city and the farms and the fields and the sea. It was great. If I had to stay in one place that would be it. No wonder the angle came to see it. Not sure why he got angry. That’s what they say the angel was angry and broke the place. That’s why they built it, to replace what broke.

Maybe it was like when the bandits beat up dad. I was angry then. And <garoc> an the others beat up the bandits and they were angry to. Hmm I guess being angry can be good. It helps you know what needs to be done, and to do it. But not too angry, then people just get weird and do mean things.

Avni and I still have to get to the beach. With all the sites and adventure and meeting peole we haven’t done that yet. Well I hope we can after the solstice.

Topic: Sewer clearing
My new friends got jobs to clean the sewer. Miro and <garoc> were both killing rats in the sewer. And Garoc’s purse was bigger. I wonder who they work for. Well no reason they can’t work while we adventure. It was lucky it lead us to the same place.

There was a poor fish man who was eaten by the rats and more. You helped me heal him. He was in alot of pain. His brother needed help so we went to help. Which was good as Miro and <garoc> had not cleared the whole sewer yet.

Topic: Kaleb
Kaleb is busy at the local magic shop doing stuff. He says he’ll be able to come with us soon. I asked him to find the source of the bad dreams. The Rangers had a good idea that it might be magic. And Kaleb is the best at magic.

Well I guess I’m ok to with your help, but Kaleb is real smart and likes games where you figure stuff out. I’m sure he’ll find it. If you could help him a bit though that would be great. I always worry when he gets too set on finding a problem. His face gets all scrunchy. It doesn’t look fun.

Topic: <garoc>
Met with <garoc>. He joined the quest too. We have a good group. Can’t wait to see where you lead us.

<garoc> seems to have had some quests of his own. It will be nice to have him around.

Summer Solistice in Magnimar - by Leila

We arrived in Magnimar a few days before the summer solstice and took lodging at the Rusty Dog. Tellasin took Avni with him to visit the Arvensoar. They wanted to climb to the top. It bought me time free of distractions to begin sussing out information that might be relevant.

When Tellasin and Avni came back, Tellasin, who apparently views almost everyone as a friend or potential friend, recognized a barbarian from his travels with the caravan. He seems a decent sort and is willing to look out for Tellasin, which is a blessing.

The Temple of Desna in Magnimar has surprisingly restful grounds. It was there I met Macross, who communed with spirits that indicate the source of the earthquakes are somewhere in the Mushfens. It is not clear yet if these are related to the earthquakes I noticed in Janderhoff. There has apparently also been an increase in goblin activity.

It was just after the stardust ritual began that things got … interesting…

Traveling by boat - by Leila

Everyone knows that dwarves don’t like boats. That was one of the reasons I was able to escape the Rahadoumi mercenaries by traveling to the Isle of Arenway. I had to cross the Inner Sea to do so and also take a boat to the Isle itself. What I chiefly remember from that journey is the experience of misery on so many different levels.

After Tellasin’s suggestions, we traveled by boat from Abken to Melfesh. It is fine, and Avni, full dwarf though she is, seems unconcerned. I would have assumed this was due to my powers as a Druid, but perhaps Tellasin has something to do with it. Whatever the cause, I am grateful.

Missing the Moot of Ages - by Leila

I am growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to determine the cause or even the geographic center of the earthquakes in Janderhoff.

Recently Tellasin insisted on following Avni and I. I was concerned he would be more trouble than he was worth, but I wasn’t going to leave him to fend for himself, as incredibly naive as he is. He seems to be good with Avni which is something at least, and having him create rain is useful for showering and giving plants we pass a needed drink.

It is apparent, with less than a month before the summer solstice, that I will not be at the Moot of Ages this year. That is unfortunate because Avni had a lot of fun last year, but someone has to get to the bottom of this earthquake business.

Tellasin's talks with Desna I

First Talk

I met Leila and her daughter Avni today. You asked me to travel with them so I am.

Leila was quick to help me. She said that I need some gear. She let me carry Avni while we walked. I can tell we are going to be great friends.

Avni is playing with my halo as we walk. You chose well again. We’re heading to the ocean. I’ve been to many oceans with my dad. We played often when I was young. Lately he only watched me play. Then he went to see you in heaven so he doesn’t watch me now.

I like playing in the water and I’m sure Avni will to. I don’t think Leila will play with us. Maybe Avni and I can cheer her up, she’s very serious.

Maybe you have some other friends for us to meet on our way to the ocean. I can’t wait.

Several days later

I tried to talk to you like the nice man said. I didn’t know what to say. I tell her about my day but that isn’t very long. I tried asking for stuff but that felt weird.

Today I got it. I write now. When it was night time my dad read to me about you. He told me about when she was young. About what she wants us to do. He had a pretty book that he read from.

When I was very young he’d teach me to read words, though he stopped after a bit. The letters were very pretty. One day he got me a pen and paper. He taught me to write letters. I would spend hours writing at night, by candle light while we made camp.

I thought of the book when I couldn’t think of stuff to say to you. I could see each page in my head and hear dad reading them. I hadn’t wrote since my dad died. I found an empty book in my pack and wrote the words I saw. I showed Leila the book and she said it was “legible”. That means good.

So now I tell you what happened and write in my book. It’s working, thank you. I can help Avni stay warm now. Also I can make water appear. Avni and I have had lots of fun with that.

Leila has me turn around and make water fall from the sky. She seems happier after we do that. She must like to play alone.

Several days later : Abken

We stopped in Abken. Leila needed to talk to the earth. It seems weird but if I talk to you she can talk to the earth.

I spent the day playing with Avni by the river. We’ve been moving very slowly. This seems to bother Leila as she would like to move fast.

I said we could ride a boat. I used to ride boats with dad all the time. Once we even road a boat all the way to Sothis. I’ll tell you what we did there some time, but not today.

Leila wasn’t excited about the boat, but she was in a hurry. She agreed after a while. So now we are on a boat heading to the ocean.

Several days later : Melfesh

We visited Melfesh on our way to play in the ocean. There were lots of serious people there. Leila needed to check on the ground again. While she did that Avni and I could play again.

I shared with you and wrote to you, but then I felt weird. I could see a new page in my head that wasn’t there when dad read the book to me. I wasn’t sure what to do I tried writing it into my book but I couldn’t.

Avni and I walked through Melfesh while this new page tried to get out. You lead us to a store with special paper. I knew the man inside. He was a friend of dad’s. He wanted some of my coins, Avni helped me count them.

In the store we found ? another friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. He was also shopping. He was in a hurry but said he would meet us at our camp that night. He looked better than last time, he seems to be healing. Maybe I can help.

We sat under a tree near the lake with the bridge that went up and down. I wrote the new page in your book on the paper and it worked.

The page got out and when I was done it was gone from the book in my head. Avni and I agreed the scroll was beautiful. Avni couldn’t read it which was weird. She could read my book if she didn’t try to read too fast.

Maybe I wrote it wrong. I couldn’t read it but that was normal. Then I held up my arm and my mark shone. I could hear my dad’s voice in my head now telling me what it was. He said it was a blessing from you. He said if I read it then I could take air with me under the water. Dad knows I can’t read so that was weird. He had an answer though, like he always does. He said I just needed to repeat words after him.

When I looked at it after that I could hear him reading. It was nice. I’ll need another for Avni when we get to the ocean. Then we could both bring air with us under the water. I wonder what things we will see. I can’t wait.

Then we met up with ?. I’ll tell you what we did tomorrow.

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